The brand has frames ranging from 125 cm3 to 300 cm3.

Aesthetic and technological improvements have been made to the entire Renegade family and new specific models for the European market in the Cruiser, Adventure and Street-Tourer segments are on display.


The DSR Rally 300 is an entry-level adventure model that turns everyday commuting into a satisfying riding experience. Approved Euro5+, este nuevo modelo de aventura está propulsado por un motor de 292 cm3 y 28,6 CV a 8.740rpm equipado con llantas de radios de 21″ delante y 17″ detrás, sistema de frenado ABS y una horquilla delantera invertida de 41 mm.

Para garantizar el mejor confort de conducción, la DSR RALLY incorporates a 5-inch TFT color screen (unique in this segment), windshield and a set of side engine guards. The DSR RALLY will be available in 2 colors: matte light gray with red graphics and matte dark gray with black graphics.

Renegade ST 300

The UM Renegade family is represented by a complete range of Cruisers such as Renegade Sport, Vegas, Commando, Freedom, Classic and - by 2024 - the new Renegade Sport, Vegas, Commando, Freedom, Classic and - by 2024 - the new Renegade ST.
Available in 292 cm3 and 125 cm3 and 8,470rpm versions, the new Renegade ST completes the UM Cruiser range. This new Sport Touring Cruiser features a 7-inch TFT color display, TPS, rear view camera, USB port, integrated Bluetooth speakers, a comfortable two-seater saddle with integrated passenger backrest, center stand, rider footpegs, side engine guards, all complemented by standard ABS and a large front fairing that provides smooth airflow and reduces head shake, giving the ST an authentic American "bagger" style.


UM has also developed the new DSR EX 300 y DSR SM 300. Powered by a 292 cm3 engine with 28.6 hp and 25 Nm @ 7250 rpm of torque (the same engine as the UM Renegade), these models are equipped with a 41 mm inverted front fork, adjustable rear shock absorber which, combined with a steel chassis and specific ergonomics, ensure fun, excellent performance and comfort both off-road and in urban environments.

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