The Multimoto Group starts a new distribution of off-road utility vehicles in the Iberian market with the launch of Segway Powersports, a subsidiary of the famous American brand of electric mobility devices using self-balancing.

Introduced at the International Motorcycle and Accessories Exhibition in Milan in November 2019, Segway Powersports quickly imposed its irreverence and highly sophisticated technological dynamics with the launch of the world's first series of hybrid-powered off-road utility vehicles.

With 20 years of experience in the development of electric vehicles, such as the famous i2 SE that revolutionized the world of electric mobility for personal or professional use, Segway - since 2016 owned by Ninebot - now focuses its core-business on the research, development and design of transport products for short distances, with strategic headquarters in the USA, the Netherlands and Beijing and production centers in the USA and China. The Powersports line is Segway's latest bet, combining all the technological know-how in the development of new hybrid engines in off-road vehicles that aim to make challenges more exciting and fun, without any limits - FEAR NO PLACE.

The Multimoto Group faces with high optimism the distribution of another renowned brand in the important and growing markets of Spain and Portugal, thus ensuring the entry into a new technological era that is increasingly gaining position in the present and future of mobility.